Myorder Africa profiled in ‘The next big thing’ Episode


Yesterday,myorder was profiled in the ‘next big thing’ episode on NTV , as a tremendous potential to capture the target market and make a great impact on how business is done in specified segments of the economy. To qualify as “The Next Big thing” an idea had to bear the potential of making considerable impact and value on the quality of living standards for the users among many others .This makes a key ingredient of innovation that is commonly known as the value proposition.

Business opportunity knocks in long shopping mall  and distribution stores queues with crazy traffic in Nairobi…………For many Kenyans, spending almost half of their day in traffic and long queues in supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, distribution stores becomes the order of the day. Weza Tele has invented myorder Africa, that offers two different kind of approaches:

Myorder Africa allows businesses connect to their customers in a more convenient way. With the rapid growth in mobile subscribers, currently ,99% accessing Internet through their mobile phones, it is predicted in less than 3 years to come, people will be getting the value of  convenience and time-saving without physically walking to any establishment.All that will be required, is a mobile handset for  this value-add  to happen, and users will be able to send their information of what they want, when they want it and where they would like it to be delivered in a certain grace period. On the flip side, the consumers can go straight to pick up the goods at the distribution stores. Business owners will be able to avoid frustrated demand, manage their orders, tracking and validation processes that will save them huge costs tremendously.
Myorder allows customers to better familiarize with company products than the traditional approach of calling which is not practical for many businesses. If you have employed people to serve incoming customers in your business, they cannot spend the whole day on the phone fulfilling clients orders.
Lack of a mobile platform where customers and vendors can connect and share authorized information and manage the incoming orders more efficiently are the twin thorns for many companies and the key problem myorder is trying to solve. Having tried and tested the invention with small and medium businesses, Weza Tele is now looking for strategic partners with expertise in sales & marketing and delivery companies.
In the near future it should be possible for customers to do their monthly shopping from their mobile phone and have the goods dropped at their place of convenience. On the other end, business vendors will be able to manage orders, receive sms notifications for the incoming orders, ensure discretion and privacy when buying orders and even process payments for their clients. Weza Tele hope to also update the functionalities of myorder invention  by having a geo-map tool (WezaMaps)  giving information where company resources be it a salesman, distributor or track is located as soon as they log in , more to that  give the tailored lists of most convenient stores and product offers that they may want to have.

Recent study done in 2011 by InMobi reveals that mobile Internet users in Africa prefer to shop from their mobile phones than their desk-top computers or in-store stores, this in deed shows a sign of record growth. Also with the existing e-commerce challenges, there is no doubt that mobile commerce platforms  will be the a drive to transforming commerce….starting in Africa.

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3 thoughts on “Myorder Africa profiled in ‘The next big thing’ Episode

  1. Happen to be trying to find this and learned much more than anticipated in this article. Thanks.

  2. Surely a perfect piece of writing! We’ve book marked it and sent it out to all of my friends since I know they’ll be intrigued, thank you very much!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great, looking forward to the progess on myOrder and myOrder Enterprise this 2012 🙂

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