Understanding the supply chain strategy…


As competitive pressure increases and  supply chains solutions become increasingly popular, an area not yet fully tapped with mobile technology solutions , critical need arises for continuous market research to understand the supply chain strategy in-order to develop sustainable mobile solutions as the supply chains keep evolving and continue to become complex.  Companies now need real-time visibility into their flow of products/services from the time they reach the distributors to the time they get to the end-customers to help them optimize order and distribution management, save time and reduce costs effectively by streamlining expenses.

In addition,  iterative approach to market research is needed to understand and document the chain from process to process, in-order to develop practical solutions that can be creatively tailored to their unique needs and relationship based on long-tern experience and field research across supply chain disciplines that will then help start with building solutions for one discipline at a time and not “one-size-fits-all” software package that cannot be practically integrated into their operations.
Understanding each process of the supply chain and how it fits in the overall company strategy is key to developing sustainable supply chain solutions using the latest technology. Supply chain includes a company manufacturing , order management to distribution and circulation processes. The overall goal of these chains is  to keep the process running smoothly at all times and keep all components (vendors, customers, distributors/retailers, suppliers) connected.
Mobile technology plays a key role in the success and sustainability of the supply chain management to reach its full potential. Before mobile technology, companies were limited to manual order documentation for their outlets,  no real-time updates and notifications of approved orders and ways to track them since the traditional ways are too cumbersome and tedious or no available information in a timely fashion. Weza Tele team experienced some of these challenges either while working for these supply chain companies or day-to-day problems they have faced, hence they invented myorder Africa, that uses  Mobile technology as a beneficial strategic tool to create effective connections among these chains….. Starting with order management. For example a vendor of consumer goods can be able to place orders automatically from one of its distributors without physically going to their destination or sending them as faxed orders.
While the benefits of supply chain management are many, using mobile technology to achieve those benefits requires strategic and continuous market research to develop sustainable solutions from De novo and myorder offers to its clients this market research opportunity.

For further details/comments please feel free to send them to info@myorder.co.ke


One thought on “Understanding the supply chain strategy…

  1. Wes says:

    Great post! Looking forward to the My Order product.

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