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SMS ordering: Strengthening distributors and retailers relationships

According to the CCK Kenya latest report (2012), there are 27 million mobile subscribers, SMS per subscribers per month growing by 125% from 8.5 SMS as at June 2011 to 18.99 SMS at September 2011. Weza Tele has tapped into this market by developing an SMS-based ordering service for its clients that they are currently working with in the industries of fast moving consumer goods e.g.publications, beverages, Gas, Grocery & food stores as they try to reach their vendors and end-users with an easier way for them to order from their simple phones.
Its  easy to use and integrate into your current sales process. The service consists of 3 simple steps:

1. Register
2. Order your items
3. Orders confirmed

How does the SMS ordering service work?

For Distributors:
At the heart of the software is a simple and well-designed dashboard. This enables you, as a seller,  to manage customer information, orders, prices, products, reports and recipients with control rights.

You can also periodically receive orders by email, formatted as Excel spreadsheet with customizable fields you would want to see.

For retailers:

The system enables registered retailers to send in orders in a simple and memorable format.  This works from a basic phone with no need for an Internet connection. Every item on a catalogue a code is assigned that further simplifies the ordering process. We translate the codes, calculate the total price, and send you a electronic confirmation with your order details & prices.

Our software also has built in error correction mechanisms. For instance, if you incorrectly type in your order information, then the system is able to automatically correct that and figure out what you meant to type. It then sends you an sms confirmation before your order is further processed.


  • Ease of use — No special equipment needed hence more flexibility when ordering. Works with any mobile telephone that can send Text messages (SMS) or email.
  • Fast — simplifies the process for both customer and retailer, as the customer avoids the likelihood of being held in a phone queue and the retailer gets structured, aggregated orders from time to time.
  • Low Cost — Affordable operational costs. Free registration.
  • Convenience – Buyers send from their mobile phones and receive SMS notifications to confirm orders.
  • Seamless integrations- with SAP, Open ERP, Quick books, multiple languages and payments

“Simplicity is key!”

There is no hardware or software to install so that in a matter of minutes its up and running.

Setup and Inquiries

For more information, please contact us (at to arrange a demonstration, setup, or to obtain answers to any questions regarding this additional feature.