Market Survey to Understand Kenyan Consumer Ordering Habits



For the last one month we have been busy! Working to meet clients technical needs and most important working on our MyOrder platform, a mobile commerce ordering and payment platform that facilitates sellers, retailers and distributors/delivery companies to connect and order efficiently from  each other via a mobile commerce platform.

As Weza Tele develops the platform, there is a pressing need to conduct a market survey research in order to understand the consumer ordering habits and how the delivery component works.Weza Tele in collaboration with iHub Research are currently conducting an on-going  pre-test research study that will demystify consumer ordering habits in the mobile commerce space in Kenya.

The aim of the market research is to help evaluate and understand the consumer ordering habits and the delivery/distribution mechanisms currently in place. This study will help in enhancing and tweaking the MyOrder platform to better serve the users .The data derived from this study will also be valuable to other  e-commerce companies and companies hoping to expand into the mobile commerce sector.

This study will constitute 5 research questions to determine the current ordering processes being utilised in the service chain:

  • What are the current ordering processes in place?
  • What are the current delivery/distribution processes in place?
  • How do consumers prefer to order for their products/service using the different platforms, e.g Mobile phone devices, Desktop, Pick up, phone call orders?
  • What would people order using their preferred platform?
  • Would consumers prefer their orders to be delivered or picked up?

A mix of methodologies will be used to conduct this research  including but not limited to: In-depth interviews, survey questionnaires, observations and desk research. The pre-test study will focus on Nairobi location.Weza Tele  will be collecting the data from the full target sample this week and thereafter releasing findings . Stay tuned for our findings!

For more information/queries about this research, feel free to contact us at


2 thoughts on “Market Survey to Understand Kenyan Consumer Ordering Habits

  1. Newton says:

    Can’t wait for the results of the finding 🙂

  2. Fedanashtonne says:

    excellent job,cant wait for the results

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