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Epepea online Supermarket brings smarter shopping to your doorstep!

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The merits of shopping at a physical supermarket are obvious but few; variety, you get to feel the product , but have you ever thought through the shortcomings ?

The pressure to buy because of advertisers, impulse buying, end month queues, kids wanting everything and no parking space during rush hours  All resulting in, not only wasting of time but also money. Buying from an online supermarket solves these problems while also promoting added value and convenience to your entire shopping experience.

Epepea online supermarket is a Kenyan virtual supermarket that will help solve these problems and more. For you to be an effective shopper you must first audit your previous shopping lists and identify recurring items that you need in your household. It could be things like sugar, cooking oil, bar soap, tissues, soaps, etc. Now consider bulk shopping for those items. The idea of bulk shopping is great but it is true that most people don’t have the time to go downtown to bulk shop.

At Epepea, you get to conveniently shop in bulk at the actual market value with a delivery fee of only Ksh.500 at the comfort of your phone or computer

shopping2 Epepea have gone further to strengthen their marketing channels, exposure, and distribute their products more effectively through their Myorder shop.

From this shop, buyers can be able to order and pay for bulk items at their convenience and get them delivered at their doorstep. On the other hand, Epepea can be able to know and manage their customers, manage their inventory, offers and manage their deliveries.

Most certainly the future of supermarket shopping is online as it solves problems of packing, long queues and minimizes wastage.

Speaking to the founder and proprietor of Epepea online supermarket, Mrs. Winfred Gacheri, a mother of four, she says “10,000 is more than enough for my household’s shopping needs.” Are you sending what you should? It is time to save on your time and money by giving Epepea your shopping list and they will do the shopping for you and deliver!

Visit today and shop from Epepea!