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She Quit Medical School To Start a ‘Household and interior Deco’ Business.

Milways Households and Interior Deco Shop.



Millicent Ogembo had always been passionate about business. It all started in high school, where she used to  to resell items she bought and sell at higher margins to get profits. It was not until she joined campus for a degree in Medicine when she realized her passion was not in medicine but business.

Being in a medical profession where it is mainly male dominated, Millicent recounts using money meant for her fees to get her first stock from Dubai. “When I brought the items, they sold so fast and I made good money”. I have not turned back ever since as I love what I do, ”she added.

At Milways, you get quality items from Germany, Turkey, Dubai and China. Milways household and interior deco, has branches all over Nairobi and Millicent intends to open a  home deco  display showroom soon. Her Myorder shop  has items from the Hurlinghum branch.

Millicent offers the following advice to women intending to start businesses:

1.      Tough times don’t last. “Take heart, be brave.”

2.      Don’t let family life be an excuse. “Marriage should not be different from courtship”

3.     Marketing is key. “Your brand image shows whether or not you can deliver. I ensure I am always driving the latest cars, I have the latest deco to assure my customers that my brand is the best. This gives my clients confidence in me.”

With her MyOrder shop, customers get to view and order for items from Milways and have them securely delivered . Check our more pics of Milways shop album on myorder facebook page at this link