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5 Things To Do on Labour Day in Kenya.


Happy Labour Day Kenyans!

It is that time of the year again! When you get a day off your busy schedule and get to celebrate your hard work. We have a compiled a list of fun things to do with friends, colleges and family alike.

1. Eat Mbuzi.

A get together with your workmates or friends will not be complete without this. Celebrate the day with a home barbecue of Mbuzi Choma (Roasted goat meat) or Mbuzi fry (fried goat meat).Get a Mbuzi delivered to you thanks to Mamamikes on My Order.

2. Have Some Cake.

Nothings says; ‘Relax and Enjoy me’ better than a cake from Cake Plaza. This is because it has whipped cream, real fruits and is made to precision. Whether you choose a fudge cake, red forest or white forest, we guarantee that you will not get disappointed. Get that Labour Day cake and enjoy it with your family, friends or spouse.

3. Go Visiting.

Everyone is either having fun on Labour Day, or home waiting for you to visit. Do your shopping online and have it delivered to them as you chat. Get this from Epepea, the online supermarket.


You can also buy clothes for that new born from Njambi Ndiba Photography. They are cute crocheted items for that everyone will admire.


4. Take a Drive.

Take an out of town drive with friends wearing brand new Subaru gear from Dal’s Boutique. It is original Subaru merchandise that will not only keep you warm, but give you an edge among your friends. Get your jersey today.


5. Find An Event Around You.

Find out what’s happening around you and know which event to go to. Gigwapi will keep you updated on all cool events.