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Is He An Endangered Species?

What three words best describe your dad or mentor?

Do any of the following words come to mind? A provider, guidance giver, devoted, inspiring, understanding, brave, patient, wise, protector,  courageous just to mention a few. If they do, he is an endangered species and should show your appreciation of him.

My order has put a list of gift ideas to help you express your gratitude to him.

Anyone can be a dad, but he is my Father.

 ‘My number one dad,”You are the best,’ and ‘To a gentleman’ are just a few of the messages MyOrder Gifts can help you say. This customized messages will not only impress but also impact.

Let me cater for the bill Dad.

 The way to a mans heart is through his stomach.Yummy pies offers a wide range of mouth watering, scrumptious and healthy home made pies. Buy him the family pies for lunch for 3 days.

Let Dad go 'Kuku' about the Kienyeji Chicken.

 Almost every Kenyan Man loves the healthy, authentically sweet, Kienyeji Chicken. Buy your Dad or partner this meal and My Order will deliver it to his office. He will love it!

That special dad in your life needs to know that his recognized and admired.

Happy Fathers Day from My Order!

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