Weza Tele continues to empower small retailers with visibility services and solutions for their businesses

Stock Card 5-01

In a bid to empower distributors and small business owners,  Weza Tele has recently released another value add service dubbed the “Weza Stock card”. This service offers a structured model designed to help retailers and small businesses keep track of their stock on a daily ,weekly and monthly basis. In addition, Weza Tele will help these small retailers analyze their profitability and trends of their products/brand performance in order to boost their growth and scalability.

These small retailers and businesses have no defined processes to manage their stock, sales and day to day distribution.Furthermore, they easily lose the data they had recorded in the exercise books they use since they may get lost,stolen or damaged.


Currently Weza Tele has started to explore a pilot with small retail shops across Nairobi. In the process we are building a database of retailers and distributors in the fast moving consumer goods with a vision to give them an opportunity to collaborate, trade, get exposure and discover innovative solutions and services to manage their businesses more efficiently, gain visibility and scale effectively.

 So far from the few retailers using our stock management services, are appreciative and giving positive responses:

“I have not been recording my stocks or sales since I opened my kiosk in the last 3 years. I don’t know how my small business is performing and sometimes its hard for me to know  my business profits since I don’t have any records. But with Weza Tele services, I am now well informed about my business performance” says Anita, a kiosk owner.

Weza Tele has also taken the initiative to train the retailers and distributors on the use of the stock card service and how to better manage their businesses and distributors/suppliers relationships. The goal is to ensure that these small retailers and business owners are accustomed to the structured processes and we will eventually automate the services using simple and affordable tools.

 For more information or how to get the stock services, contact us today at info@wezatele.com and we will be in touch as soon as possible.




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