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Increase your business productivity with WezaTele’s automated retail services



 As an FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) firm, how well do you know the retailers/kiosks you are serving? Are you tired of manual processes to gain visibility of your retailers/kiosks? How do you build the relationship and retain the retailers/kiosks you serve ? You probably are struggling to get answers to the aforementioned questions among tacking many other issues that the small retailers/kiosks you are serving are currently facing.

 As Weza Tele, we have build diverse and local experience in the distribution and retail market, to help solve key challenges in the retail channel by providing valuable and innovative services that will help you intelligently assess the productivity matrix of your business and market share at the retailers/kiosks level. This has been achieved by providing valuable retail services



Benefits of our services:

  • Retail mapping: With our simple mapping tool, we help you know who and where your retailers are accurately located and their shop details. All these information can be visually viewed and edited from a central dashboard.
  • Retail audit: We cut all the manual processes of doing your distributor/retail audit. We collect all the data required through simple mobility tools to ensure real time data collection, intelligence and analytics.
  • Distribution research: With our diverse distribution and retail/kiosk knowledge we help you ensure effectiveness of your distribution channels/partners in their routes. This will help you ensure their reliability and high market share in the retail/kiosks level
  • Retail intelligence: We provide simple integrated business intelligence tools to help in forecasting and benchmarking of data including price intelligence, product/brand intelligence and competitive intelligence.
  • Retail stock cards: We understand your retailers/kiosks better hence we don’t push technology to them but give them simple structured ways to continue to record their stocks, balances and sales in a more easier way to track their profitability. In return help you to analyze the data.
  • Retailer/distributor training: to optimize your distributors/agents performance and productivity then training becomes an important tool to equip them with the right skills and capacity in order to increase sales, quality and customer satisfaction.

If interested in our retail services, contact us today at or 0720152608.