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Weza Tele partners with Odoo (Former OpenErp)


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Weza Tele Ltd is a leading provider of innovative value added mobility solutions in commerce, supply chain, distribution, and mobile payment integration. We have broad experience in developing and supporting solutions in several countries across Africa including Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Nigeria.

Odoo is a global company that focuses on open source business apps that extend beyond core ERP to boost sales, marketing, employee and company productivity.

Today Weza Tele is glad to announce a partnership with Odoo. Weza Tele has integrated its mobility and supply chain visibility tool,  MyOrder Enterprise with Odoo application suite. We believe that this strategic partnership will go a long way to ensure that we are not only empowering the small and medium businesses across Africa with mobility tools and services, but also providing a wider variety of enterprise applications to ensure business growth and scalability.

According to past reports, an average of 85% of the small and medium businesses across East Africa have no visibility of their end to end business processes. They rely on manual and traditional processes to track their orders, sales, payments, stock, customers and operations. Weza Tele is working to change this by providing relevant enterprise applications to SMEs in the East African market.


Myorder Enterprise integrated with Odoo

Small and medium businesses can now have a very simple and affordable ERP that integrates seamlessly with cross platform mobility tools including mobile payments such as M-Pesa, Android sales tools among others.


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Enterprise Features

Some of the key applications that come with Odoo integrated with MyOrder Enterprise include but not limited to;

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Boost sales productivity, improve win rates, grow revenues.
  •  Point of Sale (POS): Touchscreen point of sale bason iPad or Android tablets.
  • Billing:  Manage contracts, create recurring invoices, bill timesheets, get paid faster.
  • Accounting:Integrate bookkeeping with all your operations to avoid double entry.
  • Business intelligence: Design your dashboards, setup KPIS, slice and dice on your cubes.
  • Mobile payments integration: With M-Pesa among other mobile payments.
  • Credit control: manage your customers and distributors credit limits and balances
  • SMS campaign solution: For mass marketing to your customers and prospects.
  • Mobile ordering: A simple mobile ordering tool that works across multiple platforms be it SMS, USSD, mobile web, Android.
  • Warehouse management:A revolutionary double-entry inventory management system.
  • And many more applications as described here


Weza Tele can now offer small and medium businesses across East Africa – affordable, simple, flexible and ready to go ERP by choosing from the many modules of Odoo that matches their business needs to ensure they have an end to end solution for their business processes. In return, these small and medium businesses can now efficiently manage, grow and scale their multiple outlets and distribution branches from one central point of view.

In the coming months, we plan to hold strategic workshops for small and medium enterprises in Kenya to demonstrate and empower them with Odoo integrated with our simple mobility tools that will give the them visibility of their business processes and products performance in the market.

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Weza Tele continues to empower small retailers with visibility services and solutions for their businesses

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In a bid to empower distributors and small business owners,  Weza Tele has recently released another value add service dubbed the “Weza Stock card”. This service offers a structured model designed to help retailers and small businesses keep track of their stock on a daily ,weekly and monthly basis. In addition, Weza Tele will help these small retailers analyze their profitability and trends of their products/brand performance in order to boost their growth and scalability.

These small retailers and businesses have no defined processes to manage their stock, sales and day to day distribution.Furthermore, they easily lose the data they had recorded in the exercise books they use since they may get lost,stolen or damaged.


Currently Weza Tele has started to explore a pilot with small retail shops across Nairobi. In the process we are building a database of retailers and distributors in the fast moving consumer goods with a vision to give them an opportunity to collaborate, trade, get exposure and discover innovative solutions and services to manage their businesses more efficiently, gain visibility and scale effectively.

 So far from the few retailers using our stock management services, are appreciative and giving positive responses:

“I have not been recording my stocks or sales since I opened my kiosk in the last 3 years. I don’t know how my small business is performing and sometimes its hard for me to know  my business profits since I don’t have any records. But with Weza Tele services, I am now well informed about my business performance” says Anita, a kiosk owner.

Weza Tele has also taken the initiative to train the retailers and distributors on the use of the stock card service and how to better manage their businesses and distributors/suppliers relationships. The goal is to ensure that these small retailers and business owners are accustomed to the structured processes and we will eventually automate the services using simple and affordable tools.

 For more information or how to get the stock services, contact us today at and we will be in touch as soon as possible.



Weza Tele Wins IBM Global Smart Camp Competition at the Tech4Africa conference held at Strathmore University

Weza Tele is humbled to have been selected to partner with IBM Global Entrepreneur among other 3 other startups, Bespoke Systems,Health E-net and Ma3route. The startups were selected to participate in the IBM smart camp Nairobi League. According to IBM , “IBM SmartCamps aim at identifying early stage entrepreneurs who are developing business ventures that align with IBM Smarter Planet vision. The SmartCamps enable startups to take advantage of mentoring opportunities, learn from thought leaders, and network with serial entrepreneurs, investment firms, academic institutions, and industry and technology experts. SmartCamps give selected startups the opportunity to connect with the venture community.”

According to the judges Weza Tele was chosen for being the most innovative and scalable of the four competing startups. It also has a solid team and clients (small and medium sized distributors and retailers in fast moving consumer goods) using their product and benefiting in return.

 Weza Tele presented their SMS ordering solution, a powerful module from their Myorder Enterprise solution that aims to provide a simple ordering process between distributors and retailers.The solution aims to provide efficiencies and intelligent modules for the existing challenges in the supply chain and distribution that include but not limited to:

  • Long queues of retailers waiting to place orders;

  • Delays of order deliveries to the retailers;

  • Manual entry and tracking of retailers orders;

  • Costly brokers at the middle of the distribution channel;

  • Orders placed by calling are inefficient, fraud-ridden and cumbersome processes

The SMS ordering solution is simple, secure and works from featured to smart phones, with no hardware or software needed to install it such that in a matter of minutes it’s up and running. The beauty of this solution is that it can seamlessly integrate with existing systems such as QuickBooks, SAP, Open ERP and Point of Sale solutions. To read more about this product, visit this post.

Through the smart planet initiative, Weza Tele team received a lot of valuable feedback; mentorship and support that will continue to impact the team and be incorporated in standardization and scaling of their products.

 In the coming years, Weza Tele hopes to maximize the partnership with IBM and scale their Myorder Enterprise solution and its other modules (e.g. mobile web ordering, SMS marketing tools, stock management, outlet mapping tools etc) to small and medium distributors and retailers across Africa. IBM is uniquely positioned to make a huge impact to Weza Tele, because of their resources, global reach, and in-depth knowledge and experience with the world’s largest enterprise customers. Additionally, they will provide support technically and in development of marketing strategy.

Since winning, doors to potential partnerships, clients and mentorship support to help strategize and grow our market share, have been opened. Weza Tele will be going to Johannesburg, South Africa in October 2013 for the next level of competition that will bring together more startups from different region. The last league of the regional Smart Camp competition will then be held in Istanbul, Turkey in November.

Exploratory Market Research on Consumer Ordering & Distribution Habits

One of the core aim of iHub Research is to work closely with Tech startups, helping them achieve their tech related research goals as well as understand the importance of conducting full scale research as they penetrate into the market. As seen from documented trends most startups don’t end up  succeeding long term in the market  because they have underestimated the value of continuous market research. Market Research does not only help startups answer their assumptions, but also acts as feedback tool to let them  know  how to improve their product to suit users needs and current market trends before spending a lot of resources on a product.

Weza Tele Ltd realizes the value of the insights provided by market research. It is on this note that we partnered with iHub Research to conduct a baseline exploratory study on consumer ordering and distribution habits. The study was with an aim to inform Weza Tele on consumer ordering and distribution challenges and needs that exist in the current supply chain processes.  Below is a summarized infographic of the core exploratory findings. To read and download the full report vist the iHub Research website at this link


Understanding the supply chain strategy…


As competitive pressure increases and  supply chains solutions become increasingly popular, an area not yet fully tapped with mobile technology solutions , critical need arises for continuous market research to understand the supply chain strategy in-order to develop sustainable mobile solutions as the supply chains keep evolving and continue to become complex.  Companies now need real-time visibility into their flow of products/services from the time they reach the distributors to the time they get to the end-customers to help them optimize order and distribution management, save time and reduce costs effectively by streamlining expenses.

In addition,  iterative approach to market research is needed to understand and document the chain from process to process, in-order to develop practical solutions that can be creatively tailored to their unique needs and relationship based on long-tern experience and field research across supply chain disciplines that will then help start with building solutions for one discipline at a time and not “one-size-fits-all” software package that cannot be practically integrated into their operations.
Understanding each process of the supply chain and how it fits in the overall company strategy is key to developing sustainable supply chain solutions using the latest technology. Supply chain includes a company manufacturing , order management to distribution and circulation processes. The overall goal of these chains is  to keep the process running smoothly at all times and keep all components (vendors, customers, distributors/retailers, suppliers) connected.
Mobile technology plays a key role in the success and sustainability of the supply chain management to reach its full potential. Before mobile technology, companies were limited to manual order documentation for their outlets,  no real-time updates and notifications of approved orders and ways to track them since the traditional ways are too cumbersome and tedious or no available information in a timely fashion. Weza Tele team experienced some of these challenges either while working for these supply chain companies or day-to-day problems they have faced, hence they invented myorder Africa, that uses  Mobile technology as a beneficial strategic tool to create effective connections among these chains….. Starting with order management. For example a vendor of consumer goods can be able to place orders automatically from one of its distributors without physically going to their destination or sending them as faxed orders.
While the benefits of supply chain management are many, using mobile technology to achieve those benefits requires strategic and continuous market research to develop sustainable solutions from De novo and myorder offers to its clients this market research opportunity.

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